Camper Trailers                                                                        $ 3.25 / day* 


Campervans                                                                             $ 3.50 / day *



Caravans ( Upto 5.5 M or 18' )                                                      $ 4.00 / day* 



Caravans (5.6 to 8.0 M or 18'6'' to 26'6" )                                      $ 4.25 / day* 





*Please note: If your vehicle is outside the standard vehicle criteria, additional charges may apply.



All storage agreements are entered into on a pro rata basis for the first month. Each additional month is invoiced at the end of each month for the forthcoming month and payable on receipts of the invoice . In order to keep your space, the whole month is invoiced regardless of time spent away. All vehicles are parked in the facility at the owners own risk. It is a requirement that proof of owners current insurance is supplied.



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